Uzi’s new album “Eternal Atake” is mediocre at best

“Eternal Atake” has been widely received by Lil Uzi Vert fans as one of Uzi’s best albums, meaning that as far as rap albums go, it is on the upper edges of mediocre. As one high school senior, and self-proclaimed Uzi fan, Siddarth Gummadi, summarized: “There’s a caliber of rap, which is known as sh***y rap, and although this may be quite sh***y, it’s still good sh***y.”

If you are in search of a lyrical masterpiece that asks difficult questions and requires real listening, this is not it. But that might be an unfair judgment to make. Despite being a concept album—telling the story of Uzi’s travels through space, “Eternal Atake” is clearly focused more on sounding good and creating a vibe rather than making a point or having complex lyrics. When it comes to the tracks on “Eternal Atake,” all the 20-teens rap cliches are there, with a few original sounds thrown in. In “I’m Sorry,” you have a rendition of the same upbeat, potential simp or love song found on most rap albums. You have the classic hard song, what “SICKO MODE” is to “Astroworld,” which is “Silly Watch” or “Homecoming.” The party song on the album is “Celebration Station,” and the other songs mostly fall into one of those categories.

Just because it is cliche does not mean the songs are not good, though. Personally, I would agree with another senior, Eli Kupetz.

“I liked tracks like ‘Baby Pluto,’ ‘Stilly Watch,’ and ‘Homecoming,’ but overall I felt like [the album] was just ok,” Kupetz said. “‘LUV vs. the World 2’ was a slight improvement over ‘Eternal Atake,’ though. However, I would also add ‘Lo Mein’ to that list of songs that slap, as well as P2,’ which is probably the least cliche song on the album.

All in all, “Eternal Atake” is not revolutionary, or even anything new. It is a by-the-book trap rap album, but a decent one at that. Lil Uzi’s fans will be pleased because this album means Uzi has returned to making music. Media Critic gave the Album a rating of six out of 10, and I could not agree more. “Eternal Atake” is solid and fun to listen to, but still on the upper ends of mediocre.