Homecoming 2019 Prince Vahan Jansezian

With the school year racing by so fast and the first triad coming to a close, it is time to stop and breathe. How about stopping to smell the roses at homecoming. One of our many princes has certainly stopped to smell the roses but most importantly stopped to enjoy homecoming. Vahan Jansezian happens to be that prince.

When it came the day to announce the court, Jahsezian was in shock that he made it.

“It was a good feeling. I don’t have a 7th period so people texted me and I got excited to do all the things that court has to do,” Jansezian said. 

Jahsezian is looking forward to homecoming, for him, it will certainly be an event to remember. Jahsezian has been known for his senior spirit and astounding soccer skills. He began playing soccer at four years old and has been attached to it ever since. Jahsezian takes the competition both on and off campus. Even though soccer may seem like a likely future career for him, there is always other opportunities that will await him. Jahsezian shows great interest in fashion marketing, or “the business side of fashion” as he said. 

As it comes time to relax Jahsezian turns towards his family and friends to keep him company. Even outside of school Jahsezian needs time to relax but he also likes to give a helping hand, an example of this is that Jansezian worked at the USC Medical Center for a summer.

Jahsezian would like to give a few shoutouts, one shoutout is to his favorite subject instructor Mr. Tomas, he would also like to shout out his best friends Gio and Jack. 

With time counting down and the court getting ready to please our eyes, why not stop and smell the roses because who knows what could be missed. Don’t forget to give Vahan Janezian a warm smile along with the rest of the court.