Homecoming 2019 Prince Sean Castro

Always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand, Sean Castro is known on campus for his energy and enthusiasm. With his involvement in many school activities throughout the years, from Wolfpacket, to cross country, to band, Castro has made the most out of his high school experience. 

Castro has a special connection with music, and has found band to be his favorite class.

“I started band back in 8th grade and was very new to it,” Castro said. “It was one of the best choices I ever made. I found my passion and my best friends thanks to band. Since then, I’ve known music is the path I want to take.”

When the news that he had been nominated for Homecoming Court first hit him, Castro was caught off guard.

“It’s a really cool feeling, I’m not going to lie,” Castro said. “I’m very honored that I get this opportunity to be on Homecoming Court.”

Originally, Castro’s bid for the court was more for fun than anything else, and he didn’t expect the outpouring of support from his fellow students at CHS. Castro made it past the first round but wasn’t even at CHS when the winners for Homecoming Court were announced, leading to a special surprise for him upon his return.

“I didn’t know until people started congratulating me,” Castro said. “I was like, ‘Congrats on what?’ And then they told me I made it on the court. That was sweet.”

From his love of music to his dedication to cross country, Castro has left his mark on CHS. His friendly demeanor has made him many acquaintances, who supported him towards the court. He looks forward to having a memorable experience at his last homecoming at CHS, surrounded by his friends.