Homecoming 2019 Princess Okjoo Yoo

CHS has its fair share of talented, hardworking students, and homecoming princess Okjoo Yoo is no exception. From being leaders of multiple clubs to concertmaster of the CHS orchestra, she serves as a model for students to come. At CHS, homecoming nominations are an important event for high schoolers, and reactions range from astonishment to gratitude. 

“I was really confused and surprised at first because it was so out of the blue, but right now, I feel super thankful and flattered to be on court with such amazing people” Yoo said. 

Yoo enjoys painting, cooking, playing the violin, and “drinking a lot of water” in her free time. She started playing violin in the fourth grade, and now is the concertmaster of CHS’s orchestra. Yoo is also highly involved on campus, as she is one of the secretaries of Interact Club, a publicity manager of National Honor Society, and a Link Crew leader, to name a few. 

In the future, Yoo aspires to study elementary education and become a teacher. Additionally, she is inspired by her mother because “she is how I [Yoo] want to be when I picture myself in the future.”

Although high school may seem to be a never-ending experience, senior year will come quicker than some may expect. Countless memories are made, and for Yoo’’s favorite was during her junior year Calculus AB class with her closest friends, Deborah Eum and Chelsea Lin. She also would like to give a shoutout to them and her court partner Jaden Clark.

“I feel like it was truly my friends and teachers who molded my whole high school experience and they are the ones who will last in my memory the most after graduating,” Yoo said. 

With her dedication and hard work, Yoo has truly made her mark on CHS, setting an example for others to come. From being nominated for homecoming court to leading several clubs, she always gives her best.