Homecoming 2019 Princess Kiese Kimbwala

Known to be intelligent, energetic, and hard working, Kiese Kimbwala is a prime example of a well-rounded student who dedicates her time towards the curriculars she loves. Kimbwala displays her leadership through her involvement on campus. 

English is her favorite subject but she also enjoys yearbook, as she has put lots of time into it. On the CHS yearbook staff, Kimbwala is the editor in chief, an accomplishment she is proud of for her dedication in the elective.

“I’m really proud of being editor-in-chief in yearbook,” Kimbwala said.  “I’ve been in it since seventh grade so it’s just like I’ve really built up to the position I’m in now.”  

In addition to editor in chief, she holds other leadership positions, and spends her time as the cheer captain, president of the Feminist Club, and treasurer for the Black Student Union. She is also a regular member of the Young Democrats Club. 

Kimbwala demonstrates qualities of her leadership through her involvement with the teams she works with. She is reliable and committed as she balances her academics with multiple extracurriculars.

Upon hearing the news of being nominated for homecoming court princess, she was thrilled and thankful.

“I was so excited as I heard about it from one of my friends,” Kimbwala said. “I’m thankful to anyone who voted for me because I really didn’t think I was going to be on the court.”

Kimbwala is grateful to be given the opportunity of being on court and anticipates for the king and queen to be announced. 

Beyond the results of the homecoming royalty, Kimbwala has sight of her future with aspirations of majoring in either pre veterinary, nursing, or environmental science. Her passion and dedication is admirable as her work has had an impact on the teams she leads. She is a positive influence and role model for students to follow. As a homecoming princess and much more, Kimbwala strives to make positive impacts on the lives of her fellow students at CHS.