Wolfpack Football for Their First Win

Friday the 13th has always been said to give bad luck, but the football game that night said otherwise. With a full moon overhead and the band’s music filling their ears, the crowd watched in excitement as Pomona and Claremont entered the field.

Just as the first quarter started, Claremont scored a field goal, leaving the stadium wondering how this night would play out. With a few hard tackles and difficult plays, the scoreboard stayed the same throughout the first quarter.

Within the beginning of the second quarter, Claremont brought the score up to 13-0 with a touchdown and point after touchdown (PAT). As the scoreboard counted down, Pomona made a comeback scoring a touchdown with a PAT, leaving the score at 13-7. The scoreboard rang zero as the second quarter came to an end.

As the teams cleared the field, a wonderfully synchronized halftime show started. The color guard’s dreamy flags flew through the sky and the band’s magnificent music caught eyes and smiles as the night was enjoyable and full of life.

Both Pomona and Claremont re-entered the field after a breath of fresh air and the third quarter was kicked off. Claremont’s quarterback, junior Rickey Murillo, completed 14 of the 21 passes without an interception and threw three of his four touchdown passes in the second half, landing a 27-point lead in the game.

The fourth and final quarter came into play, but Pomona would not let Claremont win easily. With a shocking final quarter, Pomona raised the score from 34-7 to 34-23. With little time left on the clock, Murillo threw his final touchdown pass to Ryan Campuzano, leaving the crowd cheering as the game came to an end. With a final score of 41-23, Claremont’s football season is looking hopeful this year. Friday the 13th may be a negative superstition, but it sure was positive for CHS football.