Ms. Alspach


Around CHS, students all have found subs that they look forward to having, but Gretchen Alspach is one that students love and adore.

“I felt like I wanted to give something back, and it’s important that we prepare our youth for the future and I believe with my education and experience I can help them do that, so it’s my way of giving back.” Alspach states. After a long career of working for a post office, she retired and became a substitute on the lookout to give back to the community.

With welcoming smiles from our CHS students, Alspach has grown fond of our school. Her grandson has already graduated from CHS, but during his time here, Alspach attended some school events such as football games, concerts and a theater performance. Alspach is part of the community and loves to give a warm smile.

“I live on just the other side of the football field, so I love hearing about the football games and the marching band practice; I walk a lot and ride my bike in this neighborhood,” Alspach said.
Some substitutes may have experienced rude students when they first started, but Alspach has had a different time with that.

“They have been very respectful; every other class you have to shush them every once in a while to keep it at a low roar, but they are very respectful,” Alspach said. “I think some people say, ‘Oh great, a substitute, we don’t have to do much today,’ but what I really see is very attentive students who pay attention and do what’s asked of them. I appreciate that very much.”

Alspach’s future still lies ahead of her, so when she finds the perfect subject and grade level, she plans on going back to get her teaching credential. Before students know it, Alspach could be a teacher at CHS. If one ever passes her, do not be afraid to smile and welcome her to the Wolfpack family.