10th Grade History Substitute to Become a Full-Time Teacher

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From student to student-teacher to teacher: Jillian Jackson is certainly not new to CHS. She graduated with the class of 2012 and went to Cal Poly Pomona for her undergraduate degree. She is still going there to obtain her teaching credential. Next year, she will start a Master’s degree program at the University of La Verne. In the meantime, however, she is back on campus as a long-term substitute for Mrs. Turnbull while she is on maternity leave. She is currently teaching the senior AVID class and Honors World History. Jackson was very excited to teach both grade levels and found the sophomores brought a unique perspective to the class. The seniors, however, are enjoyable but eager to attend college. Last year, she worked at CHS as a student teacher. Jackson is happy to be back on campus, and working alongside those who inspired her to become a teacher.

“Mr. Harper and Mrs. Sieg were both huge inspirations to me,” Jackson said. “I was lucky enough to get really good teachers during my time here. But they made me want to become a teacher. I’ll say, it’s weird to call the teachers by their first names. They insist on it now, and I haven’t gotten used to it yet. The campus has not really changed either, which is nice.”

She did notice some new distinct features, like the new rooms in the office and the murals in the 400’s stage and the one at the entrance to the 500’s quad, but it still feels familiar. Her favorite courses while at CHS were history and government. Those are also what she prefers to teach. Constitutional law fascinates her and she focused on it while getting her bachelor’s degree. She majored in history and understands that the curriculum may be confusing for students because the material is out of order chronologically. She expressed this as her greatest concern.
“Sophomore year is a pathway and a lot of students have to make a choice,” Jackson said. “They have to choose a curriculum that is right for them. AP and IB are very different and the work my students are given will expose them to both styles of learning so when the time comes they can make the right choice and succeed.”

When she is not working, Jackson is probably at Disneyland. She has a love for all things Disney and loves to go during her time off with family and friends. She also loves to go to the movies with her husband when she has time, but that is not very often; she is too busy for hobbies at the moment. A friend is getting married and another is having a baby, all while Jackson is still in school. She is balancing her social life with her academic one similar to when she was at CHS five years ago.

“I was in ASB and I did track. I certainly kept busy in high school. It was a challenge to learn to balance everything and things definitely got easier in college. I did have a lot of fun during my years here at CHS.”

Jackson hopes to make an impact at CHS and receive a full time teaching position while she is getting her master’s degree. She hopes to become better acquainted with the staff and students this year. Even though CHS has not changed, Jackson has and she is excited and ready to bring what she has learned over the years to her classroom. She also hopes one day to inspire other students to become teachers as well.