Tutors for the Common Good of CHS

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Chemistry will no longer be a che-mystery with the addition of a new club, Common Good Tutors (CGT), to CHS. The president of the club and founder of the organization, junior William Xue, founded the club this year to help those who needed tutoring but could not afford it.

“CGT was founded to address the growing need for tutoring among high school students,” Xue said. “The organization runs completely on student volunteers, who help provide free tutoring throughout the school year.”

You can request a subject in advance to ensure the tutor will be there to help. Depending on which tutors are tutoring that day, different subjects taught at CHS are available for tutoring. However, the most popular subjects that students typically need help with are chemistry and math. They meet in room 504 during lunch on Tuesdays and after school at the CHS library on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30.

Currently, there are no other tutoring clubs on campus that are dedicated solely to tutoring high school students, and as of now, the club is only at CHS. The tutors are club leaders and volunteers, most of whom have previous experience. The club is designed to help those who are struggling in class. The subjects advertised are math (all levels), computer science (regular, IB SL, and higher levels), Spanish (all levels, including AP and IB), all sciences, and English. The club is supervised by Jaimie Oberbeck and college students from the University of Redlands.

According to their website, their goal is “to provide free quality tutoring for any high school student, regardless of their financial background, race, or gender.”

The club offers more than just tutoring. CGT is organized and run entirely by students to teach them organization and other valuable life skills. The tutors are described as friendly, encouraging, and helpful. If you are interested in joining this club as a student or a tutor, both forms are available on the website. Volunteering offers 40+ hours of service which is available for CAS for IB students. The website has an active blog to guide students.

Anyone is welcome to attend as the environment is non-judgmental and professional. The tutors keep it serious but still offer a great amount of help to those who need it. CGT hopes to change CHS and grow.

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