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Mental Health Help at CHS

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Recently, CHS has made many changes to help students deal with mental health and drug abuse issues in the community. Care Solace is a new program for the students of CHS to find help and treatment. Through a link provided by an email from Dr. O’Connor, students are able to take a survey in order to access recommendations to professionals. This program allows parents and guardians to access resources for those dealing with mental health and substances abuse issues. CHS began offering this program to students in need of help or assistance. According to the Care Solace website, the program serves 1,000,000 parents, 500,000 students, along with 25,000 staff members. With three separate services, it is a great resource for students looking for help. The services are as followed: the survey, a plan of action, and a system that monitors professionals. The students can access the website through the link provided in an email, the link being:
The first service offered through the website is called the treatment center search. This allows individuals to search for resources that can help them with each specific problem. After a personalized search, Care Solace provides a thorough plan to ensure individuals are getting help for mental health and drug issues, which is the second service. The final service offered through Care Solace is a system that monitors all networks advertised on the site. This guarantees the best quality of care to each individual. Each individual has a specialized treatment plan created through a survey when entering the site. All three services provide students with resources specific to their needs to create a necessary plan of action for the future.
CHS has taken on the responsibility to offer help to as many students as possible as it offers resources for students all in one place and while Google is extremely helpful in finding resources online in seconds, Care Solace guarantees all resources offered will give the best help to all individuals. CUSD emailed a link to the website so that both parents nd students have access to the referral information. With this platform, students have the ability to reach out and ask for help with any issue. Many websites may claim to offer valid help, however, Care Solace creates a perfect place to find personalized help in order to offer success in the future to many students.
CHS weclomes Care Solace with open arms and looks forward to its helping people with it’s many services.

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Mental Health Help at CHS