Baseball and Softball Teams Left Without Coaches

Over the past couple of years, both the baseball and softball teams have experienced turmoil in their respective coaching departments, leaving many questions unanswered for their players and fans. However, this year provides a much more daunting hurdle that both teams must face: having no coaches for the upcoming season.

Former baseball coach Ron La Chase announced his resignation via a letter to the players of the CHS Baseball team and their families this year in August. The letter extended the former coaches’ condolences as well as those of his assistants as well as the reason why they left. The letter began with a congratulatory paragraph that detailed the support that the CHS administration gave La Chase and his assistants as well as the implementation of a community of volunteers that helped make a change at various programs including the Alta Loma Little League Challengers Division and the Casa Colina Children’s Hospital. Afterwards, the rationale behind the departure of the coaches was revealed, at least in part. While this letter gave reason as to why the previous administration left, a new coaching staff must be found if baseball is going to return to CHS this season.

Hopefully, this means that they have found potential candidates that can fill the void left by the previous coaches and that CHS Baseball can make a triumphant return next season.

Meanwhile, a similar situation confronts the softball team here at CHS. This could potentially cause major scheduling issues going forward, seeing as how having a head coach is vital for the establishment of tryout dates and other informational meetings that attract potential new members. Although softball is a spring sport, there are usually one or two announcements about informational meetings that are usually targeted towards new members. So far, absolutely nothing regarding the softball team has been announced, but there is still hope for the softball program. Senior Dominique Ortado, a returning member of the CHS softball program, weighed in on the departure of last year’s coaching staff.

“I wasn’t really able to make a strong connection with any of the coaches because it was their first season coaching at Claremont,” Ortado said. “However, it’s frustrating that they left because, as of now, our coaching staff is nonexistent.”

Finally, when she was asked about whether she was optimistic that they would find a new coach, the answer was without a doubt a resounding yes.
Hopefully, both of these beloved programs here at CHS will be able to find someone who guides them to success on and off of the playing field.