Homework Should Be Optional

Five days a week for almost nine months, students spend almost their entire day at school learning concepts and doing tedious work. Even after school, they go home and do even more work. According to College Homework Help, in the year 1905, homework was invented as a punishment for kids. Yet for some reason, it is now assigned almost every night. Homework can be boring, unnecessary, and sometimes just busy work for most students. Therefore, optional homework should be implemented in order to provide the extra practice for those who want it, without penalizing those who do not.
Beside the fact that almost all kids despise it, there is not enough time in the day for students to be expected to complete homework. It is expected of students to complete hours of homework every night, do an extracurricular, maintain a healthy social life, and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Since this is essentially unattainable for students, they must sacrifice one thing for another. When faced with choosing between spending their time either doing homework or hanging out with friends, students always end up unhappy. If they chose to do homework, students begin to resent all schoolwork simply because they miss out on being with their friends, although if they chose to have fun with their friends, their grade will most likely suffer. Even if students manage to do both of these things, they usually have to stay up late to make sure everything gets done, which according to Craig Canapari M.D. can cause sleep deprivation. Due to this, it is no wonder that according to psychologist Robert Leahy, there has been a steady nationwide increase in the amount of stress caused by schoolwork among high school students.
Even if homework was not so time consuming, there is little evidence that regular homework helps students academically, especially if it is just causing students to be stressed and resent schoolwork. In addition, in college there is no weight in daily homework anyway.
While homework should be optional, it should not be abolished completely. Even though it has its downsides, some students do need additional practice outside of school. Giving students optional homework, lets them decide what they need. Some students might need a lot of help in a certain class, while others might need none at all. This can also teach students how to manage themselves, and figure out how to know if they need more or less practice for each subject.
Several teachers at CHS, have already made homework optional.This is because they already have realized that it is not actually helping students. In addition, abolishing forced homework is favorable for teachers as well. The main benefit for teachers who implement optional homework is grading. Teachers spend hours upon hours grading homework and giving feedback. With optional homework, the need for this is eradicated and teachers can simply post an answer key online. This enables students who still do the homework to find out if they have done it correctly.
Over the years, homework has become a regular part of students’ lives, yet no one ever enjoys any part of it. Getting rid of mandatory homework will improve the lives of teachers and students alike. Students will have more time for other things and become less stressed while teachers will not have to go through mountains of papers. Homework is not essential to learning and students should no longer be forced to work on it every night.