Lynch Focuses on Golf

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Esteemed physical education teacher Terrance Lynch is stepping into a new realm of sports after coaching the boys golf team for the past six years, and the football team for the last 22. Lynch assumed the position after Octavio Hernandez stepped down in order to focus on driecting ASB. Initially focused on football, he fell in love with golf so decided to coach the boys team. Now, as the position becomes available, Lynch slides into the slot hoping to have another successful season.
In the regular season, the girls team competes against three other schools until league finals. Lynch hopes to use his knowledge from his experience of teaching boys golf to help the girls golf in the future. Last year, the girls golf team did fall short to Glendora 235-225 and 236-229. However, CHS pulled for the win against Wilson/Hacienda Heights 246-219 in their conference game. With new recruits this year, the team hopes to have a more success in the following years.
“The [girls golf] team is composed of great, smart, well-rounded kids and a laid back environment,” says Lynch. “With only about 12 players [on the team], I really get to know the athletes.”
Lynch is now as passionate about golf as he has been about anything before. He is able to harness his love for golf and help spread that love towards other aspiring athletes. In such a small environment, being able to connect with your team is big part of finding success. Lynch ultimately decided to take over the team after the position became available, but as he continues to coach the boys team, he saw this as an opportunity to expand his teaching career through his love for golf.
Lynch has become a successful PE coach, a top boys golf coach, and now, hopefully an equally outstanding girls golf coach. In every sport, teachers and students can always learn something new, and now Lynch hopes to grow his own knowledge by spreading his wisdom to the upcoming golf team. With the strong players, connections will be built helping girls golf reach their goals for the season. After his 22 years of football, six years of boys golf, Lynch will grow his legacy at CHS by becoming the coach of the girls golf team.

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