New Challengers in Palomares League

New challengers approach the Wolfpack as the Palomares League season kicks off, both literally and figuratively. Diamond Bar and South Hills, two longtime members of the Palomares League, dropped out in favor of the Mount Baldy League. They were replaced by two strong newcomers from the Mount Baldy League: Colony and Alta Loma.
Most notably, Colony brings a heavy-hitting football team that rolled to a 46-7 drubbing of Alta Loma just last season. The Alta Loma Braves have a multitude of coed teams including their cross country, wrestling, and track team, which will undoubtedly provide new challenges for the current competition. These new teams along with the departure of Diamond Bar and South Hills provides a major shakeup for long-established Palomares League competitors and will give some teams more of an uphill battle for their respective regular season crowns, while providing an up-for-grabs championship for others. For instance, this marks the end of the storied Diamond Bar-Claremont boys tennis rivalry while also introducing two new teams to cross rackets with. On the other end of the spectrum, Diamond Bar’s boys golf team—which had been unbeatable for years—will be exiting, leaving a power vacuum that CHS would do well to capitalize on in their upcoming seasons. Any way you cut it, CHS sports are in for another new and exciting season.