ASB Elections: Danya Farah for ASB PRESIDENT


“Hey CHS! I’m Danya Farah and I’m running to be your 2018-19 ASB President. ASB has been a part of my life since the 7th grade and has had a great impact on who I am today. As president you have to know how to take initiative, have a purpose, communicate effectively, and be able to work cooperatively. The last few years have taught me how to do all of this and more. A leader is someone who is passionate, dedicated, and authentic. I believe I embody each of those and have what it takes to be ASB president. My purpose is to build connections within all the groups on campus to create an environment full of support and pack pride. I want students at CHS to enjoy every single event and activity. Voting for me would allow me to continue my passion and continue working to better the student body. So remember to vote for Danya Farah for ASB President!”