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McGregor Shamrocks the Boxing World

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Leading up to the long anticipated boxing match titled the “Money Fight” between UFC sensation Conor McGregor and long-time middleweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., a large majority of analysts and fans were anticipating a quick first-round win for Mayweather. McGregor had lost as expected by most individuals; however, to the surprise of many, he had an impressive performance for a majority of the fight. In the first official boxing match of his life, he fought unexpectedly well against one of the world’s most renowned athletes. The fact that McGregor had managed to provide even the slightest competition to Floyd Mayweather has grand implications that few seem to recognize, sparking the possibility that more fighters could expand their careers into other combat sports as McGregor had done.

McGregor’s performance could inspire other fighters, whether it be from the UFC or any other organization, to diversify their careers and expand into other combat sports as he did. CHS wrestler and UFC enthusiast Nick Alegria had something to say about the event as well.

“McGregor’s performance in the fight could set a precedent in which fighters would compete in other sports. He was undoubtedly the underdog in this situation. Even though he lost, he did surprisingly well. Other fighters may want to do the same and compete outside of their comfort zone,” Alegria said.

While McGregor’s effort may not be the first attempt of its kind, it has the potential to have the most influence in regards to career expansion. That being said, few individuals possess McGregor’s extraordinary athletic capability and dedication. Therefore, it is unlikely that many fighters could have the same potential for success in expanding into other sports. CHS student and experienced boxer Caleb Castaneda speaks from personal observation.

“I’ve seen people who have boxed and tried to compete as wrestlers and MMA fighters. For most, it did not work out so well. The reason why McGregor did not get totally annihilated is because he already has experience with stand up. Not all people are like him,” Castaneda said.

Nevertheless, ambitious individuals inspired by McGregor will likely disregard such factors and still make the effort to compete. Prior to the “Money Fight”, Floyd Mayweather was being called upon to defend the prestige of boxing by easily defeating McGregor and individuals in the combat community who were sure to take notice of McGregor’s underdog performance. While the prestige of boxing may have been defended, it is unlikely that it was defended well enough to keep others from challenging it.

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McGregor Shamrocks the Boxing World