What’s Your Story CHS?

Articles often feature all types of art, but the one thing that is commonly overlooked is writing. Writing, as we all know, is required in school assignments from every class. Nevertheless, there are those who find a passion for creative writing and consider it as a hobby. Regardless of what genre, there are many talented writers here at CHS. Seniors Naya Dyar-Place, Christian Caro, Melaena Hauptmann, and freshman Aniyah Powell are just a few examples of these writers.



CHS senior Naya Dyar-Place realized her passion for writing in fourth grade when she wrote stories about Pokémon and other miscellaneous things. Dyar-Place began writing her novel in junior high, and it was a strenuous experience for her. She described her reason to write as a way to vent when she endured some not-so-great times in junior high. Dyar-Place eventually finished her impressive 400-page novel when she was 14. She is currently working on revising her original draft, and hopes to eventually publish her novel.

“I battled writer’s block, which is very real and very disheartening, and I almost always doubted my writing abilities. It was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining,” Dyar-Place said. “What inspires me to keep writing the most is my characters. I love my characters to death and would feel that I’d be doing them an injustice if I were to not write their stories.”


NOVEL SYNOPSIS (novel has not been named yet)

“My novel is about is an orphan girl who is afflicted with situation-specific psychogenic amnesia. After years of heavy surveillance and failed attempts to find the cause and fix her amnesia, she is allowed by her doctors to attend a public school where she decides to embark on her own investigation to recover her memories. There she meets many people who seem to know more about her than she does, and she learns that her memories are far more integral to the inner workings of her country than she ever could have guessed.”



Freshman Aniyah Powell enjoys writing fiction, mainly action and adventure stories, in her free time. Powell started writing in sixth grade when her class was assigned to write a story about the code of Hammurabi. She is currently taking Creative Writing as an elective and plans on publishing her stories so she can become a famous author in the future.

Powell’s stories are usually about things that have been running through her mind or writing prompts that she finds interesting. Music also greatly impacts her writing.

“The music that inspires me to write is usually Sam Smith’s music, or just pop music in general,” Powell said.

She has written around seven or eight books. A few examples are titled “Dinostapian” and “Dinosauria” and she is currently working on her latest story, “Framed.” The song that is currently inspiring “Framed” is “Eraser” by Ed Sheeran.



“Dinostapian is about a race of human beings who are able to change into dinosaurs. Because of this trait, they are being hunted by paleontologists to be experimented on to find what their DNA is made of that gives them the ability to transform.”



Senior Christian Caro is currently writing a historical fiction novel titled “Cuban Fallout” about the Cold War, specifically about a boy trying to escape the Bay of Pigs. He started writing his novel the summer of his sophomore year when he took a summer class taught by the Wolfpacket adviser, Kevin Glavin. In the summer class, the students were instructed to pick a topic and write a paper on their chosen topic. Through this assignment, Caro found writing to be quite enjoyable and continued writing from then on.

“I’m a big fan of history, so it’s a good pastime,” Caro said. “Sometimes things don’t come out the way you like. [The writing process] is long and difficult, but it’s definitely interesting.”



“A 17 year old boy named Vincent accidentally gets shipped off to Cuba while hanging out with some of his Cuban friends. During the invasion, he realizes where he is and tries to escape the death trap called The Bay Of Pigs. It’s a story of love, betrayal, and suspense.”



Senior Melaena Hauptmann started writing at an early age of five or six. Hauptmann mostly wrote science fiction novels and a few fantasy novels as well. Her science fiction novel that she is currently working on is called “Rogue Soldier.” The novel is heavily influenced by the Star Trek movies and a book series called Red Rising. She also has a few other pieces she is working on at the same time. Hauptmann aspires to be a published author in the future. She is planning to take English and creative writing in college to further her writing skills.

“It’s always been hard for me to commit myself to working solely on one book and finishing it, mainly because I have so many other ideas,” Hauptmann said. “However, I’ve learned that the only way to improve my stories is to work hard on them for a long time.”



“Rogue Soldier is about a man who was made to be a genetically enhanced soldier and follow orders without question. However, after he escapes from the military and swears revenge on its leaders, he realizes the full extent of his ignorance regarding the world he never got to see. After joining a mysterious group dedicated to getting rid of the military, he becomes a spy for them and gets sent to Rome. Once there, he must infiltrate one of the most powerful organizations in the world. If he wants his revenge, he’ll have to steal their secrets and manage to escape before they catch him.”