Dance Pirouettes Their Way to State

Throughout March 24-25, Claremont High’s Award Winning Dance Team will be competing at the CADTD State Championships. So far, the team has had some tough competitions, but they are really looking forward to this competition. There are ten girls on the team, with the team having three dances overall, and seven individual solos.

CHS dance practices three hours for three days a week at Taylor Hall. They start off each practice by running a mile, and then going inside to stretch. After they are done conditioning, they begin to practice each of their routines. The coach, Hollie Knights, has each girl that has a solo perform for the team. Then after each solo is practiced, the team as a whole marks the routines over and over again until it looks competition ready.

The team’s first routine is a jazz routine accompanied by a Britney Spears mashup. Team moms and a costume designer hand make each costume individually for each dancer. The routine and costume idea was created and choreographed by Felix Michael, who has worked multiple times for the team in the past.

The second routine the team has is a fun and entertaining musical theatre routine. The song used is called “Speaking French”, by Debbie de Coudreaux. They dance on five chairs to perform a very french influenced theme. Throughout the routine there are many leaps, tricks, and turn combinations that make the routine very amusing to watch. This routine was choreographed by Kara Fleming, with the help of their coach.

The last routine is a lyrical routine. The song for this is a cover to Beyonce’s “Halo”, sang by Madilyn Bailey. This is the most difficult routine out of the three. Throughout this routine, the dancers have to make sure that when they dance they are very emotional. Their purpose is to really reach out to the judges and have them feel their emotions as well. During the routine, the girls really have to work together while dancing. There are lifts, and graceful turns that the team has to do together in order for it to work. This last routine was choreographed by Katie Barber.

“Lyrical has always been my favorite style, and especially the lyrical competition dance. I feel like it brings out so much emotion in us, and we can reflect that emotion and show it to the audience and the judges.” Captain senior Izabella Salinas said.

To make each of these routines to look good, the team really has to work together, and put in the best amount of effort that they can. Each competition is very stressful, and the team is nervous. Although, the girls are very close like a family, and they are prepared to take on State Champs as a team.

“I am super excited about finishing my senior year off really strong with my team, and just enjoying ourselves and the other teams that are competing there, and having fun and doing our best at the competition,” Senior Veronica Chung said.

Every year, the team really looks forward to the big competition at the end of the season. This year there are a couple new members of the team, and this will be there first state champs. They are pretty nervous, but ready to see what is coming for them. One of the new team members is Sophomore Grace Teagle.

“I don’t know what to expect, and that’s the most nerve-racking part, but I’m really excited to see the different variations of dancers and types of routines that will be there.” Grace said.

Overall, the team is very excited for what is is ahead of them in the future, and wish them luck for state champs.