Berry is Back After 38 Year Hiatus

After 38 years, the “Father of Rock n’ Roll,” Chuck Berry, announced the creation of a new album on his 90th birthday; one which will likely be the icing on the cake of a star-studded career.
Berry first rose to prominence when a chance meeting with Muddy Waters in Chicago led to a recording opportunity with Chess Records. The resulting record, “Maybellene” sold over a million copies, subsequently launching him to stardom. Appealing to a large youth audience, both black and white, with hits such as “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Too Much Monkey Business” and “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man”, Berry established himself as one of the nation’s premier R&B performers by the decade’s end.
“I made records for people who would buy them,” Berry said. “No color, no ethnic, no political—I don’t want that, never did,” Berry said.
Berry’s empowering lyrics and emphasis on the lead guitar’s central importance precipitated many pivotal events in Rock n’ Roll’s evolution. However, Berry’s rock n’ roll days are not over just yet. Fast forward to 2016 and he’s gearing up, once more, to influence the music world with his newest project. Writing on his website, Berry dedicated the album to his wife of 68 years, Themetta Berry.
“This record is dedicated to my beloved Toddy,” Berry said. “My darlin’ I’m growing old! I’ve worked on this record for a long time. Now I can hang up my shoes!”