Merill: The New Voice of CHS Football

Attending CHS football games is a great way to start the new school year as students get the chance to socialize with friends and come together as one pack to support and cheer for their school. The level of energy within the stands at Claremont football games is off the charts and at times can cause it to be difficult to know who scored the touchdown or which team had the interception. This is where Todd Merrill comes in as the new football commentator, giving the athletes the recognition that they deserve and informing spectators of what happens during the game.

Merrill has two children who attend CHS, his son Caden who is a junior and his daughter, Jordan, a freshman. His children aren’t the only ties he has to the school; Merrill himself is a CHS alumnus, graduating in the class of 1987.  During his high school years, Merrill remember the fun and excitement that football games brought and also recalled the former announcers voice echoing throughout the stands of their home field – at that time, being Citrus College.

In the past, Merrill informed Dr O’Connor that he wanted a shot at commentating for the football games if the position ever came available and to his luck, he received a phone call this year. Although Merrill has never commented before, he was ready to take on that challenge.

“I thought I would give it a try and try to come out of my comfort zone a little.  As a kid, I would often do the announcing as I practiced baseball, football, whatever in the backyard by myself,” Merrill said.

         Merrill has never played organized football and has no experience commentating so the few weeks leading up to the first game were filled with unease. Although his first two games were successful, Merrill still gets nervous before a game. He fears he might make a mistake or mispronounce a player’s name, but as he starts to get in the roll of things he loosens up and becomes more comfortable.

         Commentating is not the only highlight of the job. Being able to have the perfect view of the game from the press box is a chance that not many get. However, sitting up there is not the only positive aspect.

         “It’s fun when the whole crowd reacts to what happens on the field or what you say. It’s a lot more fun than I expected. The shout-outs are great and are fun to do. I’m looking forward to the rest of the games,” Merrill said.

         Being the new commentator is not always an easy job and it is hard to be unique when you you are an announcer. Even so, Merrill has some news ideas that he wants to bring to the games. He plans to bring more of a football feel by adding music to get the crowd going, but these ideas have to be passed by the school.

With the football season in full throttle, Merrill has many more games to look forward to and seasons beyond that. If one attends a game, thank Merrill for his time and dedication to CHS football and the high school in general.