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Kickin’ It With Kellan: The Return of the Rams

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Every Sunday between the first week of September through the first week of February, families across the nation have gathered together to experience the gruesome spectacle known as football. The NFL has essentially become a staple in the households of many, and the players that compete on Sundays have become role models for the younger generation. However, for my family and many other families that reside in the LA area, the NFL has become a long forgotten pastime and a constant reminder of a hope that was lost even before I, and many of you, were born. Fortunately, that hope was recently restored, and the LA Rams are officially coming home.

Suddenly, I do not feel betrayed by the NFL anymore, and I will not feel left out every Sunday, as well as every Monday and Thursday night. For the first time in my life, I have an NFL team to root for. I finally feel a part of this “NFL mix” that I have been excluded from for so long. The LA Rams are finally a reality instead of merely a fantasy, and I will not take that for granted.

Yes, whenever a team decides to relocate there is always an elephant in the room. What about the city they played for this past season, or in the Rams’ case, the past 20 seasons? I have one thing I want to say to the city of St. Louis, and it is that I do not feel bad for them. Unfortunately, St. Louis is receiving a taste of their own medicine, and they are going through the type of despair that residents in the city of LA experienced in 1995 when the Rams jumped ship and moved to St. Louis. The truth is, the Rams were never St. Louis’ team, they were simply just taking a vacation from their real home, LA.

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Kickin’ It With Kellan: The Return of the Rams