Overtime: An App Created For the Highest of Sports Fans

Overtime is a new sports app that came out on Sept. 17 and is tailored for all sports fanatics to express themselves by scrolling through feeds of videos and graphics that are created by fans. Overtime was created by Pennsylvania State University Alumni David Segal and Ben Weisman to bring all sports fans together. These feeds are about what sports fans like and dislike through short ten-second clips, gifs, and more that anyone can access on their smart phones. Users are able to be updated and update others on their favorite players or teams in just a few seconds. It also gives great opportunities to watch and capture great highlights of a game, and it even has a slow-motion feature to allow users to truly see the play.

Fans are free to share and follow whatever they like, on anything sports-related, no matter their opinion, since there are options of posting their own videos online or they can upvote a video or post that they like, which is similar to liking a photo on Facebook. Overtime allows sports fans to choose what they want to share. Things that they share do not always need to be about a professional team or game; it can also be about their high school team or college team. With Overtime, fans can be updated on their favorite teams and players in just a matter of seconds. After a professional or amateur game, there are gifs and short clips everywhere on social media, but Overtime condenses all of this into one app that allows people to find what they feel most passionate about and follow it.

“I think that Overtime is a really cool app, and I think it has a lot of potential as it could have a lot more updates that would really add something more to it as well,” junior Antonia Perez said.

Overtime is a great sports app where fans are free to post, upload, and comment on just about anything. People can create their own account for others to follow, or perhaps find something on a preferred sport, team, or player. They can express positive or negative opinions, and this is available all on one app. Overtime is a contemporary app for sports enthusiasts by sports enthusiasts, in order for people to have a voice in the world of sports.