Pros to Playing Club Sports

Trying out for a sports team at CHS is often an anxiety-producing experience; however, tryouts can be easier for some. For example, those who participate in club sports teams, such as the tennis and swim teams at the Claremont Club, have a chance to improve upon their skills on a regular basis. In particular, those who play on club sports teams will naturally have an easier time making a sports team than those who do not.

Club sports help athletes that are dedicated to their sport improve upon their skills, especially during the off-season, where temptation to slack off is hard to resist. Instead of playing a single season, athletes have the choice of playing year-round or another season of a club sport. The work is hard, but the benefits are enormous.

“In club, we play kids from all around the U.S. so it’s very competitive,” senior and Varsity Water Polo player Jonathan Wong said. “The best players play on the best club teams, and every club plays each other, so we’re really given a run for our money.”

However, athletes who participate in a club sport have a better chance of making a high school team. Students that participate in club sports who are trying out for sports teams at CHS can drastically lower the chances of less experienced but still dedicated student athletes of making the team. On the other hand, it is obviously important for sports teams to have the most experienced, dedicated athletes as possible in order to heighten their success. Participating in club sports as well as CHS sports teams demonstrates how determined athletes are to expand on their athletic prowess. Taking such a route may not be for everyone, but it is a possible choice for budding athletes who wish to enhance and build upon their athletic abilities.

Some athletes may even participate in solely the club teams, but never in high school. In fact, it is a common issue is that more and more students choose to join club teams instead of their high school teams, despite the fact that membership to club sports is on occasion very expensive and not everyone can keep up with the rates.

While it is unlikely that this will become a major problem that will eradicate high school teams completely, the issue still stands. An obvious solution would be for students to take a break from club sports temporarily to focus on their high school team, but there are times where students have to make a choice. For example, the U.S. Developmental Soccer Academy requires all of their players to attend practice four times a week, which leaves little to no time for joining the high school team. Club teams tend to be even stricter than high school sports teams about attendance quota, which makes balancing the two even harder. Though many club teams are undeniably very good, one must not dismiss the idea of joining their high school team.

Despite some disadvantages, club sports are an option for athletes who wish to stay in shape. They offer chances for improvement and preparedness for a competitive high school team environment. While it is important to participate in high school teams, club sports are a factor that striving young athletes should seriously consider.