Charlie Brown: A Christmas Story We Need and Deserve

The Peanuts capture childhood innocence in a way that few other works can duplicate. It is difficult to imagine childhood without them. To this day, many children still dream of playing in the snow with the Peanuts gang or dream of kicking that iconic football. Now is the time more than ever to take a look back at what makes these colorful characters stand out and still be remembered so fondly through their beautifully told Christmas story.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” has stood the test of time for half of a century now. It is an annual treat for many viewers and for good reason. The special focuses on Charlie Brown as he attempts to learn the true meaning of Christmas while directing a play about it. Charlie’s story, a relatable tale about dealing with personal struggle while others blissfully enjoy life, is probably what most people gravitate toward. Failure is a central theme to the story and is refreshing to see since it is usually not the focus of a traditional Christmas story.

What is also refreshing to see is a Christmas special that is not over-the-top. Too much of Christmas-themed entertainment (especially in modern culture) feels the need to do everything possible to grab people’s attention during the holidays. This is not the case in “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” as some of the best moments are quiet and simple. Linus’s speech about the true meaning of Christmas is fondly remembered for its simplicity and sincerity, which is perhaps the best way to describe this special.

Charlie Brown’s winter adventure feels like a truly special achievement. It is great to see how 22 minutes of animation could mean so much to so many people. From a lovely opening ice-skating scene to a personified rotten Christmas tree given a second life, there are a lot of great moments to choose from. This wonderful world of the Peanuts feels unique and honest. It will be exciting to see how no matter how commercialized the world will be in the future, people will always be able to look back at something that captures the true feeling of the Christmas season.