Musicians on the Comeback Trail

The music industry poses many challenges, one of which is the need to constantly publish appealing and marketable content. High quality singles, albums, and music videos are the new standards by which many artists are heavily judged. Obviously such constant scrutiny can take a toll on said individuals, and as such, many have decided to undergo lengthy hiatuses or retire from the business. Taking a break from music is very hard because it has become so familiar and constant in their everyday lives. Although it is very hard, it is not the hardest part of making a comeback. Getting the public to accept someone as a serious artist after they have been considered insignificant or low-ranking in the music world is a very difficult task. Many artists have been through this process and the way they make their comebacks can vary.

Some artists that have made a big comeback in the music industry recently include British Singer/Songwriter Adele and Canadian Pop singer Justin Bieber. Both of these artists started as very successful singers with millions of fans and universal acclaim. Adele’s career took off when she released her first album entitled “19” in 2008. Her strong, emotional, power ballads grabbed the attention of millions of people from all over the world. After releasing her second album “21” in 2011, Adele seriously considered ending her career, wanting to leave the industry on a high note. She later realized that she wanted to continue creating music because of how much having her first child had inspired her. Almost five years later, Adele came out with her third album “25,” on Nov. 20, 2015. Her music sales increased with each album, as her first album peaked at number four on the Billboard top 200. Her second album took the top spot on the Billboard top 200 for 24 weeks, and her most recent album currently has the top spot on the Billboard top 200. Her comeback was received well by the public, for she was already loved by millions and only left them wanting more.

Not all artists have necessarily had the same luck as Adele. Bieber started his career by posting videos of himself singing covers on YouTube. Bieber released his debut album, “My World,” in Nov. of 2009 and instantly stole the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. His catchy, up-tempo love songs seemed to have an effect on millions of people. For a few years, Bieber maintained his major celebrity status while also releasing a few albums in the process. Later in his career, it seemed that Bieber began to cause trouble everywhere he went. As his life became more and more problematic, his life spiraled out of control once he was arrested in Jan. of 2014 for allegedly driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and drag racing. Bieber started to lose the respect of his once loyal fans and was taken less and less seriously, making jokes about retiring until he finally took a three year break from music.

Unlike Adele, Bieber was not so easily welcomed back into the public’s good graces. Bieber started gaining the public’s respect only after apologizing and doing several interviews showing how much he had changed. He did not gain back respect until after the release of his new album “Purpose” on Nov. 13. In 2015, Bieber earned his first number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his new hit single “What Do You Mean?” This is a big achievement for any artist. It also shows how his fanbase has grown more than it previously was because he was never able to receive this honor.

Making a successful comeback in the music industry is by no means an easy accomplishment. Every artist is bound to experience different trials and tribulations, so it is hard to predict the outcome of each individual career. Coming back into the music industry after a taking a break is usually considered to be a big deal. How someone reacts to the situation at hand, for better or for worse, usually determines how their music and consequently, how their careers will pan out over the years.