Cookin’ It Up With Mohi’s Menu

In a world where ketchup, mustard, and the abhorrent ranch dressing have become the dips of choice for most diners, connoisseurs and chefs have come up with something infinitely better. Sauces that combine traditional recipes with innovative ideas, intriguing flavors, and delicious ingredients. Having had the privilege to taste and critique many of these wonderful delectable dips, I can say that salsa and other condiment classics have some stiff competition. A stellar amalgam of flavor and texture, these sauces are inherently rich and provide any budding chef with an opportunity to expand their creative licence. Most impressive is the fact one can seamlessly integrate a multitude of flavors and ingredients into their construction and more often than not, the recipe will still deliver a flavorful punch.

However, a sauce is not a sauce without something to dip into it. It is in this arena where the food scene and all its inhabitants are introduced to the epitome of creativity: duck-fat fries. An inspired, bold, and welcome twist on the traditional french fry, these crispy potatoes are a perfect amalgam of flavor, texture, and technique. A most intriguing stylistic choice is to top the fries with rendered duck fat, a true flavor enhancer if there ever was one.

When it comes to the saucy soiree or the fantastical fry-fest, one can say without hesitation that there will always be new recipes and techniques surfacing from all over the globe. Whether it is an innovative take on the tried and true, or a bold, exploratory step into the unknown, It is safe to assume that none will fail to impress and that everyone is in for a treat via these delectable dishes and creative condiments.