Girls’ Golf to CIF for First Time


The Girls’ Varsity Golf team made big history this season, as they were the first Girls’ Golf team at CHS ever to make it to CIF. The team was ranked second in the league, which consisted of seven teams with six girls on each team. Teams ranking from one through four moved on to CIF.

Making it to CIF was not initially a goal for the team until they realized how much potential they had this season. The possibility of going to CIF first became clear to the them after their first two or three matches, which showed how much the team had improved, as their lowest score last season was 237 while their lowest score this season was 207. Once they realized how close they were to making it to CIF, they made it their goal and worked even harder to try to achieve it.
Something that really helped the girls this year was how close all of the team members became. The way they have communicated their complications with the sport this season made an impact on each of the girls’ performances because of the support they could offer to each other. This is the main way the girls helped themselves get better for the upcoming season.

“What really helped was how a lot of the girls went out and practiced on their own and signed up for tournaments over the summer in preparation for the season,” junior Vanessa Lopez said.

The girls worked well as a team, but there were also girls who worked equally as well individually. CHS junior Allison Gallegos was one of those girls, as she was the only one out of the team to make it to individual CIF and placed sixth. Gallegos was ranked number one on the Varsity team at CHS.

“As a team it was a real accomplishment to make CIF. We all put in the hard work, and it’s starting to pay off now. For me, making CIF individually has been a great experience,” Gallegos said.

The girls have worked hard to continue playing in CIF. They played in the team CIF qualifying round and did not make it past the first round. The top three teams were the only ones allowed to move on to the next round and the girls placed below that.

The team is proud to have made CHS history. They are all thankful for being able to go to CIF, especially because this seemed like an achievement that was out of reach.