The Double Lives of the Young LaMars

There are not many students here at CHS that have started working professionally at the age of one. Sixteen year-old sophomores, Anthony LaMar and his twin brother Michael LaMar, are two of the many talented students at CHS, as they were both previously child actors. Growing up, Anthony and Michael LaMar were used to being on the big screen, as well as working on a television set, a unique accomplishment for kids their age. The twins started acting as babies when they were first enrolled in acting activities by their mother. She thought it would be a good chance to help them find their passion.

“Acting gave us more opportunities and options in things like education and extra curriculars. Although I wouldn’t describe our experience as actual “fame,” Michael said.

The twins’ first acting jobs were roles on a show called “Yes, Dear,” which aired from 2000 to 2006 on CBS and FOX. They acted on the show for all of the six seasons. “Yes, Dear” is a comedy about two young couples and their very different views on parenting and managing their children. The twins both played the character of Sam “Sammy” Warner, the young son to the main characters, Greg and Kim Warner. The twins would switch off playing this character, which is a common strategy that TV shows often use. Child labor laws in the U.S. do not allow an excessive amount of work for children at a young age, like the twins were at the time.

Outside of the show, the twins only booked one other job for a Mother’s Day jewelry commercial. The commercial remains one of their earliest acting memories, as they were both so young in their acting careers. The twins stopped acting entirely because of their mom’s decision to preserve a work free childhood so they could have time for school, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

“Being on the show was a great experience that my brother and I were a part of and will always be an important part of our lives,” Anthony said.

Since the show, the twins have not continued acting. So far, they have not continued with their childhood profession. Instead, they are enjoying their lives as normal teenagers.

acting experience, they so far have not continued on with this profession. Instead, they are enjoying their lives as normal teenagers.