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Davis Develops a Unique Set of Skills in a Very Unlikely Game

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Bubble hockey is a table arcade game made by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). In 1982 in Clarence, New York, ICE began manufacturing fun hockey games, also known as bubble hockey, rod hockey, table hockey, or dome hockey. It is called these names because of the large dome or “bubble” enclosing the table. Sophomore Lenny Davis purchased a bubble hockey table a few months ago, and he has played it ever since. With its ability to lure both teens and adults, it has become a big hit.

The game can be played as singles or doubles. The two opposing players can control all five hockey players and the goalie individually, or, if playing double, can split up the opponents. Players control their five players with long rods that move in and out to bring skaters up and down the ice. The skaters are able to spin 360 degrees, just like in foosball. A knob is used to move the goalie from side to side. Each player also has a “boo button” to provide the feel of an actual hockey game.

“Growing up, bubble hockey was my favorite game to play at the arcade because it was super fast paced and it was easy to play,” Davis said. “Also with having super competitive friends and family, the table makes it really easy to settle our grudges with a game.”

Since Davis’s purchase of the game, he has played many matches with his friends and has excelled. Although there are no official competitions or tournaments, Davis and his friends play against each other to have that competitive feel to the game. One of his friends, freshman Jack Kruze, is one of Davis’s biggest competitors. They play against each other every week to see who is the best at the game.

“Lenny and I played a game and it was the last quarter of the game, and if I scored, I would win and if he scored he would win,” Kruze said. “Lenny scored a full court shot, and I flipped out in disbelief.”

Although bubble hockey and foosball are similar, there is a key difference. Besides the fact that foosball is about soccer and bubble hockey is about hockey, the game allows players to have an actual feel of hockey games, with the sounds the game produces. The sounds and the design is what makes bubble hockey more fun in Davis’ opinion. Davis will continue to play with his friends and family, whether it is for fun or competitively.

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Davis Develops a Unique Set of Skills in a Very Unlikely Game