Inter-School Council-Elect: Raven Wilbur

By running for Inter-School Council, junior Raven Wilbur strives to be the voice of the students at CHS. She feels strongly that the voice of the students should be heard in committees that expand into the community rather than the school directly.

“I thought it would be a great experience to see what school board meetings are like and it’s very important to me that the student body’s opinion is voiced in an environment where it should be the most valuable to the head department who determines the fate of the student body itself,” Wilbur said.

As a member of the varsity girls’ soccer team, Girl Scouts, and president of the Ocean Lovers Society, Wilbur has consequently developed strong leadership and organizational skills.

“I think I’ll do my best with the power I’ll have to listen to the opinions of the students and use it towards my overall input when I voice it to higher authority,” Wilbur said.

She is very motivated to help the students by bringing their unheard ideas to people of authority. Wilbur is very skilled and has a lot of qualities that can make her a great leader for the students here at CHS.