New Girls Track Coaches at CHS

All of the CHS track teams have recently had many changes. Besides the new athletes on the teams, three new coaches have also made their way onto them as well. Rob Lander, Mike Lepore, and Mitchell Caudle are the new coaches. Rob Lander, the new girls track coach, is determined to make his team better than they have ever been before. He plans to do this by making them work harder and practice longer.

Lander was involved with track when he was younger. He first started out running competitively when he was a freshman at CHS in 1987. He continued working at CHS as an adult when he became the long distance track coach, which makes him not entirely new to how the program works.`

“Coach Rob is really nice, but he is also hard on us because I think he really wants us to have a successful season,” freshman Nethania Serna said.

Lander has been coaching for a very long time. He has 21 years of coaching experience, though this is his first time being a head coach. Lander is aware of how much pressure he is under, but his determination to make the team great overshadows all of this. The girls are trying their best to help Lander feel more comfortable in his new position. There are many reasons why Lander enjoys his job so much.

“I enjoy coaching for many reasons, the biggest reason is making a difference. I truly enjoy teaching life skills like dedication, team work, etc., which help our students and athletes make meaningful contributions to society,” Lander said.

This year’s team only strives for greatness and they would like to improve from past years as much as possible. Although the girls track team have been undefeated league champions for four years in a row, Lander wants to try and top that this year. He is very excited for this season of track because he feels that he can improve the girls’ speed and the way they train, to accomplish all the goals he has set for both him and the girls.

“Individually, I want every athlete to improve their best mark. As a team, I want to win league for the fifth straight year,” Lander said.

There are two new coaches in addition to Lander. The shot put and discus girls and boys assistant coach is Coach Mike Lepore. He is a new coach and is still unfamiliar with how everything works. Lepore wants to help improve his team assisting the athletes and making sure they are always on their best game. Lepore is hardworking and always trying his best to have an impact on how the athletes perform.

Coach Mitchell is also a new track coach as he is the coach for the girls and boys pole vault team. His goals for this team are to try and work the athletes to their best ability. Keeping in mind that he is very new, Mitchell does not have much insight to the previous track teams from past years. Lander, as well as Lepore and Mitchell, is still adjusting to his new position as head coach.

“He is a natural when it comes to coaching and I think he fits in very well. Also, all of the girls are treating him like he has been head coach for years,” freshman Vanessa Lopez said.

There are many exciting events coming up for Lander’s team. He is looking forward to all events because he is very optimistic that they will do exceptionally well at every meet.

“I am most excited for the Arcadia invite. The best high school track and field athletes in the world will compete there. And of course the entire post-season including CIF Prelims, CIF finals, Masters, and State Championships,” Lander said.

Bringing in new coaches is a always a big change for any type of sports team. These new coaches are ready to help advance the teams in the best way possible. Hopefully by bringing in the new coaches, all the teams will be able to improve and perform to their highest potential.