CHS Gains a New Guidance Secretary with the Addition of Stevenson

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CHS has recently welcomed a new guidance secretary, Emily Stevenson, who graduated high school with the CHS class of ‘92. Stevenson will be involved in guiding and assisting students as well as working in the CHS office, which is the main reason she applied for this position. She believes that, because of what the job entails, this occupation is be a perfect blend of both working with kids and the administration.

“I have always been in the customer-service industry, so I love working with people,” Stevenson said.

When Stevenson was younger, she was enrolled in Claremont schools, so she is no stranger to CHS. As a child, she went to Chaparral Elementary School and continued onto El Roble Intermediate. She then attended CHS,where she was on the school’s dance team for all four years of school. After graduating from CHS, Stevenson got her first real job as a crossing guard at Condit Elementary School.

Because she enjoyed her experience attending schools in the Claremont area, she has enrolled her two boys in both Claremont and Upland schools. Stevenson is thrilled to start her new job as guidance secretary, and she is especially excited to be closer to her children in the Claremont schools.

“I cried so much and was super overwhelmed that I had landed this awesome job,” Stevenson said.

She wants to be able to help the students at CHS with anything, including encouragement and empowerment. Stevenson has been adjusting to her new job easily with the very helpful staff surrounding her.

“The staff I work around are really patient, helpful, and just overall wonderful people,” Stevenson said.

Dr. O’Connor believed Stevenson was the best choice for this position due to her impressive abilities including her strong communication skills, effective motivation, and her warm and engaging personality. Stevenson has high energy and a first-hand knowledge of the Claremont Unified School District which is a huge advantage. This will help Stevenson to have an accurate perspective on how the students think, allowing her to better connect to the students. She is adjusting to her new position very well because she shows that she is not afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

“If she continues working as well as she does, then I think we have a match,” O’Connor said.

Stevenson is getting a lot of positive comments on how she is adjusting to her new position. Starting a new job is sometimes very difficult and confusing, but clearly Stevenson is able to mange the work load. She is not very well-known by the students yet, because of her recent arrival, but many students have seen her around campus.

“I’ve seen her in the office a couple of times and she seems like a very nice lady,” sophomore McKenna Muniz said.

The new addition of Stevenson to the CHS staff will surely have an enormous effect on CHS. Stevenson’s primary goal is to be able to affect the students’ lives in any positive way she is able to. Stevenson will continue the good work so she may continue assisting and managing the students at CHS.