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Athlete of the month: Ty Robnett

Ty Robnett’s role as the captain and central defensive midfield of the Claremont Boys Varsity Soccer team undoubtedly establishes him as a key player. Robnett’s ability to combine his offensive and defensive duties on the field makes him a well-balanced player. His job is to control the tempo of the game and link the defense to the attack. Offensively, he looks to make penetrating passes through the middle or to the wings in hopes of igniting a successful attack. Defensively, he strives to keep the opposing team from breaking through the middle and very often makes tackles to prevent that. From the first time he stepped onto the field to his last day as a high school player, Ty has unquestionably made his mark on CHS soccer.

Robnett played an influential role in leading Claremont to their first Palomares League Soccer Championship in seven years this season. Dictating the tempo of the game as a center midfielder on top of being the team’s leader on the field is a very difficult job. Robnett has successfully juggled all of these responsibilities through passion, work ethic, talent, and a high understanding of the game.
Scoring six goals this season, leading the team in assists, and having the most appearances for varsity in the team this season, are all incredible accomplishments. This success is no streak of luck; in fact, it is a culmination of years of hard work. He considers his greatest strength as an athlete to be his mental focus on the game and works on improving his weaknesses through hours of personal training. This is not to say that Robnett has not had people to support him along the way.

“I attribute my success to the people I surround myself with,” Robnett said. “For example friends, family, and coaches who have pushed me to be a better version of myself both as a player and individual.”

When asked about his favorite moment in his high school career, Robnett goes back to the league championship game.

“The game against Alta Loma was the most memorable because it was the game that won us the league title and I was able to score a penalty to guarantee us the lead,” Robnett said.

Although the team’s CIF run ended abruptly in a 1-0 loss against Long Beach, this is certainly not the end of Robnett’s soccer career. He plans to continue playing at Citrus under Coach Fred Bruce Oliver, who recently retired from coaching CHS soccer after a historic run.

Robnett is an incredible student-athlete who is able to balance a hefty load of schoolwork while also excelling at his sport. His leadership skills have taken him far throughout his high school career and will take him far in college. It will be very interesting to see how he continues to grow as a player as he continues the sport at the collegiate level.

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