Athlete of the Month: Isabella Salas


Photo courtesy of Isabella Salas

Isabella Salas is essential to the success of Claremont’s Girls’ Varsity soccer team. Playing striker and wing, she is one of the top players on the team. Her contributions to the team are endless and beneficial to Claremont’s Girls’ Varsity soccer team. The team has been defeating their competition and rivals all season. Isabella Salas has been on varsity for all three years of her high school career. Soccer has been an important part of her life for over seven years. Isabella’s incredible skill and dedication continues to get her better, but her sister is her biggest inspiration.
“Growing up I watched [my siblings] play and it inspired me to keep their legacy alive especially since my sister’s career was cut short after her injury,” Salas said.
In recent games, Salas has demonstrated her abilities by scoring goal after goal, having scored 15 goals this season alone. Claremont’s Girls’ Varsity soccer team has played against Alta Loma and Webb. Salas led Claremont to victory in both these games with her skills and goals, and ended Webb’s undefeated streak. These past few games have been her best. Salas had 2 assists against Ayala and a goal this week against Alta Loma. Isabella has accomplished so much during her time on Claremont’s soccer team. She encourages her teammates, brings energy and positivity to CHS, and is a vital part of the team. She has contributed greatly to the team, which is currently 14-2-2. They experienced some challenges at the beginning of the season.
“Considering we lost half of our team and had to get reacclimated with basically a new team, we are doing really well and starting to become a team again,” Salas said.
Isabella wants to shout out her teammate, Gabby Flores.
“I could not have done anything without her,” Salas said.
The team is making a comeback and continuing to win games. Support Isabella Salas and the Claremont’s Girls’ Varsity soccer team as she continues to move towards success.