The Wolfpacket


The Wolfpod is a podcast, hosted by Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Claire Judson.

CHS students and members of the greater Claremont community are interviewed about real events and issues pertaining to issues relevant to Claremont High School.

Wolfpod Episode 1: Asiya Junisbai & Kalilah Hamid

On October 3, a short clip went viral on Twitter and Instagram that featured Senior Asiya Junisbai, Junior Jayla Sheffield, and Senior Lily Widrig barking at Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally on Indian Hill. The video was posted on Conservative social media accounts and has since gotten 1.6 million views. Because the video is so short, we are given barely any context as to what led up to that moment, who got a hold of the video, and who was filming it. These are all questions answered in episode 2 of the Wolfpod. 

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