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Casey Shoultz
Imagine: you’re scrolling through Instagram, through posts upon posts, stories upon stories, until you reach an Instagram story that’s seemingly.. another post about a Harry Styles update? Clicking on the account, you find it’s none other than Casey Shoultz. Shoultz is a junior at CHS, spending her third year at the Wolfpacket, and is the Assistant Sports Editor as well as the Advertising Manager. Her plans this year include practicing with her club soccer team, not failing her AP classes, and waiting for the day One Direction comes back from their “eighteen-month” hiatus. At CHS, Shoultz is taking mostly AP classes, and is also hoping to return to play high school soccer for her third year in a row. Outside of school, Shoultz loves to play soccer, eat bagels, and enthuse about new music from her favorite artists. Her hobbies also include collecting vinyl records, rereading the entire series of Harry Potter, and playing Among Us and Minecraft with her friends. She has two dogs, Ruby and Duke, that she loves with all her heart. Enjoy the unnecessary Harry Styles quote for the second year in a row and stream Fine Line the album.
“Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone, always.” -Harry Styles

Casey Shoultz, Assistant Sports Editor

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