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Casey Shoultz
If you were to look up the WikiHow answer for a teenage girl who eats too many bagels, talks excessively about pop artists, and spends way too much money on bucket hats, you’d get Casey Shoultz. Casey Shoultz is currently a sophomore, and the Assistant Sports Editor for the Wolfpacket. Her plans for this year include trying not to panic every time there’s a deadline and to make pages she’s prideful in. Outside of school, Shoultz enjoys playing soccer, eating microwavable mac n’ cheese, and listening to Why Don’t We and Harry Styles. Note to everyone: don’t bring up those pop artists unless you want a rant about how much Shoultz loves them. However, if Shoultz is not doing any of these things, she is most likely at Sequoia’s house eating Trader Joe’s Bon Bons, drinking boba, and blasting old Taylor Swift songs (or watching Love Island, rip the Zac and Elizabeth moments). In her free time, Shoultz enjoys enthusing about Harry Styles modeling, drinking thai tea boba, and rereading the Harry Potter series. She also enjoys playing soccer with her club team (however, she really doesn’t enjoy hurting her knee every .5 seconds, but it’s fine) and buying soccer cleats. Enjoy the unnecessary Harry Styles quote and stream Harry Styles. the album.

“Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone, always.” -Harry Styles

Casey Shoultz, Assistant Sports Editor

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