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Kendall Chraplewski, Reporter

February 5, 2018

Looking back on 2017, velvet was definitely one of the most prominent fashion trends of the year. Velvet has become a staple in many women’s clothing stores. This can possibly be attributed to the versatility of the fabric. Velvet’s versatility permits it to appear on all sorts of articles of clothing...

Nike Hijab: For Underrepresented Athletes

Nike Hijab: For Underrepresented Athletes

Paulina Gonzalez, Reporter

May 22, 2017

Nike recently released a new product to add amongst their extensive selection of sportswear–the Nike Pro Hijab. The brand is sold on a global market and has set sights for a greater audience of female Muslim athletes. It is releasing in the spring of 2018. This new product is a step forward in the accept...

All-White Fashion Ain’t Right Fashion

Paulina Gonzalez, Reporter

March 16, 2017

Beauty is a concept that can be defined in a vast variety of ways.  No two people will perceive beauty in the same way, and, across the globe, these ideas are even more diverse. People come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. All this diversity is something to be appreciated; however, in soc...

Fashion Forward CHS

Cameron Booth, Photographer

March 9, 2017

CHS is a thriving hub of arts and creativity, yet its students seem to miss the mark regarding fashion: from t-shirts sporting largely unknown rock groups, to massive amounts of white Vans and Stan Smiths. I appreciate a good white tennis shoe as much as the next guy, but wearing Comme Des Garcons Converse...

CHS Mothers Make Prom Dresses More Affordable For Students

Sophia Jung, Reporter

May 21, 2015

Prom can be the most treasured night for any girl because she gets to get dressed up, dance with friends, and have a good time. Although girls want to have fun, financial problems play a big part in prom. To fix this pressing issue, CHS mother Shalon Gonzalez started Love Me 2 Times Dance Dresses, because...

The World of Fantasy Comes to Real Life With Cosplaying

Roi Wallace, Reporter

March 3, 2015

In the world of fiction, there are some super fans that transform into the characters they love; these fans are called cosplayers. Part of this cosplay world are freshmen Phoebe Chute, Keila Waddell, and Alexander Ortiz. These cosplayers dress up as their favorite characters from different movies, television...

One Size Not for Small, Meduim, and Large

Roi Wallace, Reporter

January 30, 2015

In a society where individuality is emphasized, the idea of having something labeled as one size fits all is counterintuitive and stifling. One size fits all clothing makes people feel and singled out because it targets such a small percentage of the population. The idea is great in theory, but sadly,...

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