Mitchell follows unique major to Ithaca

After a busy four years of speech and debate tournaments, tennis, a full AP class schedule, and much more, Trevor Mitchell is headed off to Ithaca, New York next fall to study Industrial Labor Relations at Cornell University.

Mitchell’s major, Industrial Labor Relations, is almost entirely unique to Cornell and one of the main reasons he chose to attend over other options. With the campus’ location, beauty, and availability of Mitchell’s major selection, he felt Cornell was the perfect fit.

“I had two main reasons for choosing Cornell, ” Mitchell said. “The first was that I loved the campus- especially the cherry blossom trees. The second was that they had a very unique major that wasn’t offered at any other school I was accepted into.”

In the Industrial Labor Relations major program at Cornell, Mitchell will be studying the relationships and interactions between corporations and their workers. While he is set on his major, he looks forward to exploring classes covering a variety of topics and potentially pursuing a minor in economics or history to get a better idea of his chosen career path. After college, Mitchell plans to attend law school or go into financial consulting.

“In terms of career choices I am leaning towards going to law school and becoming a lawyer,” Mitchell said. “However, I am also interested in financial consulting. In college I plan to take classes that’ll prepare me for both career paths and see which path ends up interesting me the most.”

At CHS, Mitchell most enjoyed his time on the Speech and Debate team, where he qualified for the State and National tournament in Lincoln Douglas debate. He has also been a part of the CHS tennis team and recalls finding out he made the team freshman year as one of his fondest high school memories. Reflecting on his high school extracurriculars, he advises freshmen to seek out activities that they truly enjoy rather than solely focusing on college applications.

“One piece of advice I would give to freshmen at CHS is to start thinking about college early but make sure to still do activities that you enjoy regardless of how they will impact your college applications,” Mitchell said. “It’s good to have a plan for life after high school, but try and make the most of your time in high school since you only get one opportunity and it goes by so fast.”

Mitchell would like to give a shout out to his teachers Mrs. Lee , Mrs. Bodnar, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Gyorgyovich, as well as counselor Mrs. Ciszek.

“And of course I’d like to shout out to my parents and friends for being so supportive throughout these last 4 years,” Mitchell said.