Eileen Linchangco stays local attending Scripps

Choosing the correct college for one’s self can be difficult, and many students search the nation to determine which one will allow them to best thrive. For Eileen Linchangco, the place that best represented her ideals, Scripps College, was already within reach, only a few miles from CHS. Linchangco was originally attracted to Scripps as it is an all women’s liberal arts school, but for her, the location is a bonus.

“I chose Scripps because of the opportunities they offer in terms of the academic rigor as well as the campus life,” Linchangco said. “At Scripps, there is a huge emphasis on social justice since it is a women’s college and my hope is to join groups on campus dedicated to helping our community and raising awareness to others about the issues we face first hand.”

A fascination for social justice has influenced Linchangco to choose Asian American studies for her major at Scripps. She is passionate about combating the social issues in the Asian American community and feels a special connection toward the subject coming from a family of immigrants. Additionally, Linchangco conducted research on Asian American communities for her IB HOTA class, which also inspired her to broaden her knowledge on the subject.

Outside of her required courses, Linchangco aspires to work at Scripps’ LASPA leadership Center, as well as join the 5Cs Circle K Club. She also hopes to audition for the Claremont Concert Orchestra (CCO) and continue to play the violin, which she has been practicing for over eight years now. Other than the aforementioned activities, Linchangco plans to join the Asian Student American Union, continue to look for more social justice opportunities, and stay in contact with her high school friends.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities in college, but I also hope to keep in touch with my friends after I graduate, even though we are all still in quarantine,” Linchangco said. “It’s really an unprecedented time and if there’s anything I want to remember from high school, it’s to keep in touch with the friends I’ve made.”

For Linchangco, Scripps is exactly what she needs, the “perfect” choice. The school will give her the support to be at the forefront of social change, along with the pursuit of social justice. Though Linchangco won’t be leaving Claremont for college, she will nevertheless be broadening her horizons, and facing a bright future at Scripps.