Acts of kindness in Claremont: food pantries, relief services, and the Courier

Residents of the Claremont community are kind people who always try to be there for each other when needed. They have managed to uphold this lifestyle throughout this pandemic by sticking together, side by side. Over the last several weeks, a handful of food pantries and relief services have come forward to help those in need. These services provide great help to many Claremont residents who have had a very hard transition into the state-wide quarantine. Families that have lost jobs or have had hours cut back rely on these supportive programs to help them through this hard time.

Ever since the start of this pandemic, it has become challenging for people to fulfill their basic needs, whether it be not enough money or just not enough food left in stores. Because of this, Claremont families have come to trust our local food pantries. Claremont California Food Pantries provides goods and services to families who require food help. Volunteering at a local food pantry is a good way to give back to the community. CCFP is always looking for new volunteers who are willing to make a change in others’ lives by providing a good service for people in need.

While in quarantine, Claremont has put much of its trust into the Courier for vital information that it cannot get from outside sources. The Claremont Courier’s updates and stories have helped put people’s minds at ease. They have written comprehensive articles that speak to Claremont residents and give them relevant information to help them through this time. Reporter and Photographer for the Claremont Courier Steven Felschundneff has written a handful of articles about the subject. He has shown others a different perspective on how to perceive the virus and additional news information. He believes that we should spend less time on our devices to limit our worry on this subject.

“People feel overwhelmed by the apparent enormity of the pandemic and in part that is because we are stuck at home with more time to watch television or read news stories either in print or online,” Felschundneff said.

Having the Claremont community band together as one during this pandemic has shown how we as a whole are determined to get through this tough time. Organizations across Claremont have collectively determined to lend a helping hand to those all around us. That in itself is kindness at its best.