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CHS Increasing Security Measures

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Returning CHS students might have noticed a change on its campus and at school functions. The change has not been a blatantly obvious one, only those who were truly paying attention would notice a gradual shift. This change is the increase of security on campus and at school sanctioned events, an increase that has certainly become apparent to many at CHS.
Those who have gone to football games this year or have attended the back-to-school dance might have noticed that security and substance searches have become more intense. Some speculated that the cause for this increase in security was due to the increase of vaping CHS saw on its campus. Those speculations are not wrong, but there seems to be more factors involved. Steve Boyd, a teacher and member of the CHS Campus Safety Committee, believes the increase in security measures is due to more than just the on-campus vaping issue.
“There has been an increase in use of substances on campus,” Boyd said. “There has also been an increase of bad and violent behavior in society in general. It’s to keep the students and staff safe.”
The increase of security and surge of hypervigilance is not just limited to only special events. Many have noticed that, now more than ever, proctors have been very watchful.
“It is not only for special events. We have more procters than ever and more teachers have begun to lock their doors,” Boyd said.
Teachers and other staff are taking precautions to make CHS a safe learning environment for everyone. The increase of security is not to penalize all students, but rather to combat the evolution of the surrounding world. With an increase of school shootings, 23 within the first 21 weeks of 2018, it is no surprise that schools are now looking to increase their security to maximize the safety. “This is a good thing. CHS is an open campus, so there is a larger safety risk, “ Boyd siad. “Having the extra personnel on campus would be beneficial for everyone.
The increase of campus security is preemptive as it is better to be prepared before an emergency can arise. This increase in security is also to subdue concerns of the safeness of the campus. As an open campus, CHS has a larger risk for certain emergencies. These changes should be celebrated as they are to make CHS a better place

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CHS Increasing Security Measures