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Senior Gabriela Leon Makes the Beat

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Senior Gabriela Leon Makes the Beat

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Although there are many students that enjoy listening to music, there are only a few that are passionate enough to further their interest in the field. CHS senior Gabriela Leon is one of the few people that has further her love for music by joining a program called “Girls Make Beats.” “Girls Make Beats” is located in Los Angeles and is open to girls between ages 8 to 17. The program hosts educational seminars, summer camps, and helps further the girl’s careers as music producers
The program was established as its founders felt that there were not enough female DJs or music producers, and they hoped to see more coming out of the program. The program was established December 2012 by engineer Tiffany Miranda. With only six women being nominated for the 2014 Grammy Award of Producer Of The Year, they feel some disappointment that not many women were able to be recognized for their work.
“Girls Make Beats” intends to change this. Their goal is to inspire female producers to make their own beats in a program geared toward young girls interested in joining the music industry.
“I’ve had experience with music and instruments, so I know my way around,” Leon said. “Also, it’s really easy for me to learn new things involving music.”
Having been in the “Girls Make Beats” program since elementary school, Leon felt that her favorite part is learning how to sync and create her own music. By listening to pop and R&B music, she gets inspired to make her own music. Leon recommends the program to anyone who can learn quickly and is interested in joining the music industry when they get older.
However, the lessons that the program teaches is not the only part that Leon enjoys. Leon believes that she loves to meet other kids in the LA County because the program helps young musicians engage with other people with the same interest. When Leon is older, she hopes to graduate from college and work at record plant studios. She hopes to be a recording engineer and maybe even become a music producer.
With the musical knowledge that Leon was able to build, she is grateful that she was able to join the program. Although Leon is unsure of her future plans, she believes that her understanding of screening, making beat, and composing music will become an useful tool in her life.


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Senior Gabriela Leon Makes the Beat