Watch Movies in Comfort of Home VS Enjoying a Movie in Theatres

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Comfort of Your Own Home

Everyone loves watching movies, but there is just one problem. Why go out
when you can stay home and bring the theater to you? With online streaming,
such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle, you will never have to go out to watch
a movie. Movie theaters have plenty of problems themselves, like ticket prices,
unhealthy food, and annoying audiences.
We all know the stress about having to buy movie tickets. One ticket at a normal
movie theater can cost a person $12. Let us say someone wants to watch it in 3-D
or IMAX. The ticket will now cost around $15 to $18. With an online streaming
platform like Netflix, you can pay $9, now increasing to $10.99, tax-free, for an
entire month of movies, documentaries, and television shows. A month of Netflix
is about ¾ of an average movie ticket; now that is a deal.
Not only are ticket prices expensive, but the food prices are through the roof, too.
Large popcorns can cost up to $9 depending on the time of day and the amount of
business the location is having. Combos can cost up to $15—now that is a lot of
money. At home you can have whatever is inside of your fridge or even order a pizza
for the same price. At some theaters, you cannot buy what you want because they do
not sell them, but at home you can find what you want in the pantry and just make it.
Finally, no sane moviegoer likes a chatty crowd. It is almost impossible to know
if the theater you are watching your movie in will have a chatty group or not. You
can try to ask them to stop or even get a refund, but at that moment, you have
probably already lost track of the movie. At home, you do not have to worry about
the baby crying in the middle of an intense scene, hearing the whispering of two
confused viewers, or the sound of popcorn munching. Instead, you can watch your
movie without being disturbed.
Movie theaters can be enjoyable. They have big screens, loud speakers, and comfortable
seats. But home is better. You have your perfect spot, favorite foods, and favorite
audience, yourself. You do not have to worry about overpriced tickets or food or annoying,
chatty groups. You can get it all in your bedroom! So what are you waiting
for? Go home and watch a movie!

-Sean Castro, Reporter 

Sit Back and Relax in Theaters

There are many reasons why modern-day Americans should go to the movies,
from social benefits to mental ones. The movie industry was a significant
place of leisure when it came out. It took people into a whole new world, where
one could sit with 100 people around them in a room and just enjoy what was
going on in front of them. Movies are an escape from reality, and when you are at
home, you are not free from work. The phone could ring and you would answer
it, while at a theatre if your phone rang, it would not matter because it would be
silenced and tucked away in your pocket. At home, you would have all the things
surrounding you that you need for work, while at a movie you can sit back, relax
and take a nice little break from reality.
Another reason to go to the movies is that they have options that you just
cannot seem to get at home. Nowadays, the movie theater has a great selection
of snacks and even butter that you can put on by yourself! But the snacks are not
all. As many have noticed, lots of theaters now have comfortable reclining chairs
that you can relax in.
Each time you are at home watching a movie by yourself, the experience seems
to get duller and duller. You have endless choices around you all the time, so what
difference does it make to spend two more hours by yourself blankly staring at
the screen? Sitting around by yourself doing this is depressing and unsocial and
can affect your mental health in an unhealthy way. It could make you more “to
yourself ” or less outgoing as you are isolating yourself. When you go to the movies,
everyone shares their feelings of excitement, happiness, or depression together. When
you come out of the movies you get a real sense of what the purpose of the movie
was and get to know the characters well. With that huge high definition screen and
booming surround sound, how could you not!
So the next time you go on Netflix, think about how it is affecting you, and make
the better choice of heading over to the movies because of the great food, loud surround
sound, and interactions with people.

-Luke Kendall, Reporter


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