An expert ranking of the CHS bathrooms


800s Quad: 2/5
When first walking into the 800’s girls’ bathroom it is a moderately clean space. This bathroom is very small and allows students and staff from the outside to see inside which is definitely a privacy issue. It gets very cramped inside during passing periods with the line oftentimes leading out the door. Getting there early is preferred. Luckily this bathroom does have working faucets and a filled paper towel dispenser.

700s Quad: 4/5
The 700’s bathroom is nice and private as it is tucked away in the corner of the 700’s quad. While this bathroom is small, it is an overall clean bathroom with a working faucet, paper towel dispenser, and even a functional tampon dispenser. The only flaw lies in this bathroom’s locks, one of which is held together by a strategically placed piece of gum. This bathroom can get crowded due to its small space, but nonetheless is a preferable bathroom on CHS’s campus.

600s Quad: 3/5
The 600’s bathroom is a decent-sized, relatively clean bathroom. It is conveniently located at the front of the quad so you have easy access to it. One negative about this bathroom is that the faucets do not run for long, making the person using it have to push the faucet button continuously for water. The privacy is also nice in this bathroom especially since this is not a busy quad.

400s Quad: 3/5

When walking in the 400’s quad girls’ bathrooms there is a range of very distinct smells. Expect to be greeted with the smell of vape and marijuana. The cleanliness of the bathroom is also an issue with the floor being consistently dirty. There was also a lot of graffiti on the bathroom stalls which depending on the user can be entertaining or an annoying during their bathroom experience. Fortunately, the water faucets in the bathrooms still work and run very smoothly and it is the largest on campus making it a preferred destination for athletes to change in.

The PE Locker Room: 4/5
When walking in the Girls’ PE bathrooms, the floors are pretty dirty with toilet paper scattering the ground. Luckily, the faucets and tampon dispensers work well.


800s Quad: 3/5
To start things off, the 800’s quad boys’ bathroom is one of the least used bathrooms in the school even though the sinks are quite functional. The problem with this bathroom lies in both the left and right soap dispensers. The soap dispenser on the left simply does not work at all while the right one is broken and has been removed.

700s Quad: 5/5

The 700’s quad boys’ bathroom is one of the most commonly used bathrooms. It is unique as it is the only boys’ bathroom to have an Evogen sanitary white napkin and tampon dual dispenser. An annoying aspect of it lies in the fact that the urinal on the left has not been cleaned at all and due to its popularity it is quite busy.

600s Quad: 2/5

The 600’s quad boys’ restroom, like many other ones throughout the school, has been a place where people go and do business. One thing that is different about it is the urinal on the left has no cover on it. The flaw in this bathroom would be the door on one of the stalls sometimes gets its lock stuck and is difficult to open.

400s Quad Restroom: 3/5
The bathroom is relatively clean, and the mirrors are normally clear. In addition, all the sinks have consistently high water pressure, a pleasant surprise considering many of the sinks around campus either have annoyingly low or abnormally high water pressure.

The PE Locker Room: 4/5
The Boys Locker Room restroom is one of the better restrooms on campus. It is normally pretty clean, and since there are normally teachers in the locker room, few people vape in there. However, the urinals do not have stall walls in between them, so it can make for an uncomfortable situation if one finds themselves next to someone that they don’t know that well. This bathroom earns a 4/5.

The Theatre Bathroom (honorable mention): 5/5

From the second you walk into the theater lobby bathroom you instantly can tell that this is THE hottest, up and coming place on campus. The smell of a fresh Glade air freshener hits your nose in what can only be described as a symphony of oceanic, floral scents and the polished gray and white tiles beckon you inside. A beautiful bouquet of flowers in a mason jar heightens the bathroom experience and makes one feel at home. The stalls add to the ambience of the bathroom with their sleek black exterior and actually functional locks. The purse holders in each stall are the pearl of this bathroom which was clearly made with the user in mind. It is truly an oasis amongst the desert that is other CHS bathrooms. A quiet refuge from which you can escape the vape, long lines, and athletes changing in stalls. When I die bury me in this bathroom.